Colleen Stewart

President, Creative Director

Early in my career I put an audience member to sleep during a business presentation. He snored for 45 minutes and woke up during the polite applause at the end.

Determined to never let that happen again, I started studying great presenters to learn their secrets.

It turns out I already knew a thing or two about presentations. I just didn’t know I did. I’ve been writing stories since I was eight years old when I made copies of my first book and tied them together with bits of red yarn. I spent four years in Carleton University’s journalism school learning how to captivate an audience with sometimes boring information.

I had forgotten to do this in my business presentations.

I know my presentations are better and I also know that every time I get up to speak, I get a little better. Am I perfect? No. But, honestly, who wants to watch perfection?

As co-founder and Creative Director of Perfect Pitch Consulting Group, my goal with clients is to make them natural, engaging and clear – about their ideas, their technical information, and their vision for the future. I want them to be storytellers.

I receive emails on a regular basis from clients who “aced it,” “felt like a rock star” and “knocked it out of the park.”

I’d love to help you do the same.

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