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At an early age, I learned my first lesson about doing great things with people. My parents realized I liked to draw. And I don’t mean doodling to pass the time. Sure, I copied Marvel comics and I drew mazes. But I handed those mazes out to the neighbours to solve, determined my design would be good enough to foil them. I drew interior spaces to teach myself about perspective. I didn’t just like to draw. I was passionate about drawing. Seeing this, my parents encouraged me.

After graduating top of my design class, I worked my tail off for some good design and marketing agencies with big and varied clients. Wanting to slow the pace a little, I moved to a Marketing Coordinator position with a large company. I worked with sales and product managers, something I’d never thought I’d be doing when I graduated from design school. The Marketing job was interesting but I missed the variety of clients I’d had at the design firms.

Maybe it was the young maze designer in me who saw the solution – because what I did next had never been in my grown-up plans. I started my own business. I could attract the variety of clients I loved. I could do sales, marketing, and creative all at the same time. Best of all, I could collaborate with eclectic and talented people. When I get to bounce ideas around, get excited about other people’s ideas, get them excited about my ideas, and feel that mutual encouragement, I am in my element. My parents taught me what can happen when you have the right people encouraging you. My success today – the best work I’ve ever done – is living proof.

Chris Gover is President of Projech Design Communications

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