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Oct 21

Carly Franklin

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR When Carly Franklin tears out a stitch, she doesn’t see that as a failure with her sewing. For Carly, that is sewing. “Just because something is stitched together doesn’t mean that’s how it will stay.” For Carly, this truth also applies to life. When Carly applied to the Ontario College of Art and […]

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Oct 17

Alan White

SENIOR ASSOCIATE – DESIGN When I entered the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design after high school, I imagined I would be primarily drawing and painting. From an early age, it didn’t seem to matter what I was looking at – comics, toys, dinosaurs – I drew it. The world wasn’t just filled with […]

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Oct 17

Melissa Ligertwood

SENIOR ASSOCIATE – WRITER My road to being a writer wasn’t a straight one. From a young age, I wanted to help people. The first road I thought of was lawyer. I could fight for those who couldn’t fight for themselves. But others who knew something about the law always painted a grim portrait and […]

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May 22

Chris Gover

SENIOR ASSOCIATE – DESIGN At an early age, I learned my first lesson about doing great things with people. My parents realized I liked to draw. And I don’t mean doodling to pass the time. Sure, I copied Marvel comics and I drew mazes. But I handed those mazes out to the neighbours to solve, […]

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Jun 28

Colleen Stewart

President, Creative Director Early in my career I put an audience member to sleep during a business presentation. He snored for 45 minutes and woke up during the polite applause at the end. Determined to never let that happen again, I started studying great presenters to learn their secrets. It turns out I already knew […]

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