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Be a great scientist….which is to say, become a great visual communicator.

We believe (and remember) what we see.
If you want people to remember your presentation, you need to tap into their long term memory. Think of long term memory as a closet with no walls, no floor and no ceiling. You can pack as much as you want into long term memory, but it’s not always easy to find the closet door. The easiest way to long term memory? Images. Turn your data into a simple and clear visual. A chart, a graph, a visual analogy. Your audience will remember. Some great ideas come from infographics, hugely popular now for communicating complex information in a persuasive way. Check out these examples from Princeton, The New York Times and some of the world’s top graphic designers.

Want to see great visual communication in action? Bonnie Bassler’s compelling TED talk about bacteria demonstrates the power of everyday language, simple explanations, and crystal clear visuals in scientific presentations. Who wouldn’t want to watch?

Watch: How Bacteria “Talk”

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