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Communicating With Styles

How Your Team Expresses Their Why

“Why is John grilling me on this? It’s a great idea! He is so negative.” If you are wondering why you click with some people and want to get the gloves out with others, you are in the right place. The DISC assessment measures how a person does what they do. Using a neutral language to explain observable behaviour, DISC shows us how we are different and how those differences are strengths.

Remove the distraction of interpersonal communication from your work. Invest in a one-day custom workshop and give your team the gift of communication, engagement, and self-development.


Driving Forces

Why They Do What They Do

Figuring out how to motivate your team’s best work is a tricky business because you can’t see motivation. Motivation is the hidden force that drives us to start, stop, or keep doing something, and an individual’s combination of motivators is unique. In one situation, someone may be chasing an external reward. Someone else may be avoiding an internal punishment. Change the situation, and the motivators could flip.

The 12 Driving Forces reveals why a person does what they do. In this half-day workshop, your team will define and identify what motivates them and how unique individual combinations can help the team drive to success. Combine this with Communicating with Styles for a robust team-building event.

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What to Look for in an Effective Communication Training Workshop

An essential element for businesses is the ability to communicate in ways that lead to successful outcomes. Our experts help professionals achieve this result through communication training workshops suitable for all levels of professionals. During the workshops, you will have the opportunity to practice powerful business communication skills. By the end of our communication training workshop, you will have superior storytelling skills that will help you communicate effectively.

Effective communication is a crucial element for businesses. Our communication training workshops help teams develop communication skills that participants can leverage throughout their careers. Our interactive communication training workshops dive deep into how to adapt productive communication into meeting with executives, board members, sales prospects, customers, and subordinates. Without effective communication throughout the team, it can slow down meeting your goals and cannot truly reflect your brand story. Perfect Pitch’s communication training workshops are custom-built for your unique team and promise to move your team’s communication skills to the next level.

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