When you sell your services using the tagline "see differently," how do you ensure your presentations also help the audience to see differently?

what does enverus do?

If you need data to make a smart business decision about the energy market, you will probably go to Enverus. With clean data, sophisticated software tools, and diverse team of experts, Enverus provides the most reliable and accurate information on renewables, oil and gas plays, and energy trends in the world today.


What challenge did they have?

When the Canadian team presented at investor conferences across North America, it was a challenge putting presentations together that would help the audience to see the story. In their complex world of scientific data, Enverus presenters struggled to keep the information accessible, even for a technical audience. The Canadians needed a solution that would help them stand out with a clear and simple story about energy.

How did we solve it?

Enverus hired Perfect Pitch to help its team craft their stories, learn the art of presentation storytelling, and develop individual skills to present like pros.

The Perfect Arc Full Workshop taught groups of presenters how to develop and deliver presentation stories. This was followed with a program of one-on-one coaching for conference presenters.

The results exceeded their expectations. Audience members tracked down Enverus presenters weeks after conferences had ended, determined to do business with them. One client described the Canadian presentations as TED-like. This was unheard of at investor conferences and the Canadian team soon developed a reputation with colleagues as well as clients.

The Transformation

Presenters who deal in statistical and scientific data often think there is nothing they can do about the dull nature of the information. The team at Enverus learned that nothing could be further from the truth. Transforming information into a captivating story makes the experience better for the audience and the presenter.

The Presenters

Committed to the storytelling approach, this group of technical presenters changed the way the audience saw the energy world, and the data that describes and illustrates that world. Engaging the audience on presentation day led to an increase in sales and partnerships long after the conferences had ended.

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