The Story Compass


Critical Stories to Lead Your Business

What hairy audacious goal are you hoping to achieve with your business? How will you inspire customers, employees or investors to help you meet that goal? Based on the book, The Story Compass: Navigating Through Uncertainty In Your Business, this workshop will teach you the art of storytelling and the critical stories to tell at work.

When someone engages with your business, they connect emotionally and intellectually with your product, your company, and your services.

Making that connection isn’t easy. Ipsos Reid estimates less than half of employees are making that connection. Now imagine your customers and investors. If you’re focusing on delivering information, you’ll miss your mark.

We can work with you to craft the critical stories your company needs to start telling. Stories are powerful. Customers will trust you. Investors will be moved by you. The people who work for you will strive to make your vision come true.

The Story Compass can be offered in tandem with consulting, storyboarding and writing. Get in touch to find out more.

Skills you gain with our brand storytelling workshop

Telling your brand story is important for your company. Making it simple, engaging, and memorable is critical for your success. The emotional connection that is forged when someone discovers they believe what you believe and value what your value is priceless. Our brand storytelling workshop will help you communicate your emotional brand promise and make a critical connection with customers. Perfect Pitch will guide you with your brand storytelling, ensuring your stories are crystal clear and high impact. Here are some benefits…

  • Develop an understanding of the art of storytelling.
  • Create meaningful connections.
  • Craft powerful stories for your business that will gain customers’ trust and move your investors.


We know that the brands that have the most loyal fans are the brands that tell the best story! With our brand storytelling workshop, you will be able to create influential brand stories that will build trust with your customers and move investors. Once your compelling brand story has been crafted, we work with you to bring your memorable brand story to life.