TNT Engineering

How do you stand out at a technical conference when no one knows you and no one speaks your language?

what does TNT engineering do?

Based in Calgary, Canada, TNT Engineering has spent decades proving to its energy clients that it can design and build almost anything, anywhere in the world. This small group of highly skilled engineers has a can-do attitude and small-firm agility that is leading to technological innovations critical for their clients’ sustainability goals.


What challenge did they have?

With little notice, TNT Principal, Neil Gunderman, was invited to present at the XVI Ecuador Oil & Power Conference. This was an exciting opportunity to open up a new market. The problem? Most attendees didn’t speak English and Neil didn’t speak Spanish. And no one knew who TNT Engineering was. With just twenty minutes to capture the crowd, TNT knew they needed something different.

How did we solve it?

With our Presentation Consulting & Design service, Perfect Pitch worked closely with TNT to craft a story and create a custom Prezi that was a drastic departure from a typical engineering presentation. Perfect Arc coaching was the follow up service to provide a true page to stage solution, giving Neil and the rest of the TNT team a crowd-wowing story and the confidence to tell it.

Waiting to present, Neil had doubts. Watching information-heavy PowerPoint slides being delivered by the other presenters, he worried he’d gone too far with a different approach.

To his delight, a meaningful and engaging story with fresh visuals was what the audience was craving. For the next three days of the conference, attendees buzzed about one presentation and one group of presenters: TNT Engineering.

The Prezi

Keeping things simple, and working with universal icons and story elements, worked for the international audience. TNT redefined the engineering presentation, to the audience’s delight. See below for more slides that reveal the powerful storytelling of the TNT Engineering presentation.


Using our Perfect Arc structure, we streamlined the technical information into three project stories. The stories were uncluttered, simply told, and translated into Spanish. Combined with Prezi’s power of zoom, the simple visuals gave the audience context, connection and detail, three levels of information that make a complex story simple.

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