How do you turn overwhelming complexity into meaningful simplicity?

what does peloton do?

When an oil and gas engineer complained to his computer-whiz brother that he couldn’t “see” down the wellbore, his brother decided to build software that could. Today, Peloton provides sophisticated software tools that allow energy companies to track water, production, and well life cycle, all key metrics to measure and improve environmental sustainability.


What challenge did they have?

Peloton wanted clients to see how their WellView/SiteView data management software could help them accurately manage water on their oil and gas projects and make their jobs simpler. The trouble was, the PowerPoint presentations were so complex and heavy with detail, their software was starting to come across as complicated and difficult to use. The story was lost in bullet-point clutter.

How did we solve it?

The Peloton team decided to use Perfect Pitch’s Presentation Consulting & Design service. We worked closely with Peloton to draw out the story and structure it in a way that would be memorable, shared, and acted upon.

The next step was the design. Everything about the design took the audience into account. Perfect Pitch’s team created elegant graphics that made the abstract and complex world of data management concrete and simple.

With multiple presenters responsible for delivering to a variety of audiences, Peloton now had a presentation that was personable, adaptable, and flexible. Everything they needed to tell a story about simplicity.

The Prezi

Most of the presentation’s content was housed in an illustrated computer screen, allowing the Prezi to play a dual role as storytelling tool and product demonstration. Below, in Screenshots, you will see a sampling of the slides.


Zooming in on the computer screen, the Peloton presenters could dive into the details of their technical information without overwhelming the audience. The clean, elegant design is a drastic departure from a typical technical presentation. Using an element of surprise, the Prezi finishes with a dramatic zoom out, revealing a typical site engineer’s office that looks out over an oil and gas facility. The audience leaves knowing the presenters are focused on them and their business.

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