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The stakes are high, and you want to nail that presentation. If you’re reading this, you probably know those 50 bullet points in 8pt font are not helping you. But who wants to spend hours formatting slides? And what if all that formatting is a waste of time?

You’re not alone.

We’ve all been there. Pouring blood, sweat and tears into bullet-heavy slides that make us more nervous, less natural and sensing we’ve lost them before we’ve begun. What if we told you there’s a way to buck the trend of “many bullets” and feel comfortable doing it?

Presentations By Perfect Pitch is an award-winning presentation design service that takes you from page to stage, so you can deliver a knockout performance for investors, customers, or internal teams.

Educators. Scientists. Engineers. Salespeople. CEOs. Thought leaders. Product Innovators.
We’re talking to you.
We invite each of you to step outside your comfort zone and into the world of presentation storytelling. You bring the bravery and the content. We’ll bring the storytelling chops.

How does it work?

Presentations By Perfect Pitch is a three-step process to develop, design, and deliver a presentation story your audience will remember. Our award-winning team of writers, designers and story developers work closely with you to discover your message, your audience, and your goals. Then we build out the story you want to tell, along with the visuals and the speaker coaching to help you tell it.

We bring your story to life, and teach you how to present like a boss. Contact us to get started.


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