Big Rock

How do you get noticed when you’re surrounded by giants? Awarded Best Business Prezi 2016, “The Bar” was exactly what Big Rock needed.

what does big rock do?

In the 1980’s barley farmer and lawyer, Ed McNally took Canada’s beer market by storm when he decided to use his local barley fields to brew three European-style ales. Today, Big Rock is Canada’s largest independent brewer of high-quality craft beer.


What challenge did they have?

In 2014, Big Rock CEO, Bob Sartor presented at The Gathering, an elite marketing conference featuring powerhouse brands like GoPro, Red Bull, and The Dallas Cowboys. In 2016, he was invited back.

This time, Big Rock wasn’t only surrounded by corporate giants. Bob was scheduled to present immediately after Canadian big beer darling, Molson. He briefly wondered if he should turn down the invitation. There might be too much beer on the menu for attendees.

How did we solve it?

Big Rock decided to do what they do with their beer – be daringly different. Choosing Perfect Pitch’s Presentation Consulting & Design service, Bob granted full creative licence to design a presentation that would slay the giants.

The Perfect Pitch story development and design team went all out on this one. Absorbing videos, marketing collateral, and even the physical Big Rock brewery space, we designed a Prezi unlike anything we had built before. One that beautifully captured Big Rock’s hipster personality and craft beer style.

The Prezi that became known at The Gathering as “The Bar”, perfectly complemented Bob’s relaxed, improvising and open storytelling style.

The Prezi

This is The Bar that captivated the audience at The Gathering. Built online in Prezi, this rich illustration contains all the elements used in Bob’s presentation. You can click below to see the full version of The Bar, and hear narration explaining the slides. If you prefer to view some sample slides, scroll below for some screenshots.


Even charts and graphs became beautiful and elegant using the brand-inspired design. Developing the story ahead of design was critical to keeping content well-organized. In this case. Bob’s story incorporated three key ideas: Beer, Fans, and Brand. Rich visuals did what no amount of bullet points could do to emotionally connect the audience to Bob’s story and message.

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