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StoryTelling For Technical Presenters

Visual Storytelling for Technical Presenters

Think storytelling is only for keynotes and TED Talks? Think again. When you pitch a technical idea, you are selling something that could transform your business, something supported by important data and evidence. That something is too important to be lost in an information dump, forgotten within one hour of your presentation ending, or misinterpreted by a confused audience.

It’s time to polish up those presentation skills, in a workshop geared for the technical presenter. Learn the art of presenting technical ideas through the power of story structure and simple visual design. Your ideas matter. Make sure they’re heard.

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How Data storytelling workshops make you a better technical presenter

Many businesses today make notable investments in data and analytic tools. Reading the data and then being able to articulate the data into a data storytelling presentation is a critical piece for businesses to make data-driven decisions. With Perfect Pitch’s data storytelling workshop, you will be able to create meaningful stories with the data and share your findings and insights with confidence. Our data storytelling workshop will equip you with effective data storytelling skills by:

  • Develop an understanding of your audience as well as their problems.
  • Read through and filter your data for the most relevant information.
  • Build your story through effective structure and design that is easily consumed.


Our data storytelling workshop will build your skills in presenting technical data and evidence. Learn how to transform your information presentations with the art of data storytelling in our workshop. Once we develop a deep understanding of how effective and powerful data storytelling is, we then will dive into the data, narrative, and visuals. With our data storytelling workshops, we focus on the elements that influence the structure, flow, and direction of your presentation.

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