Eagle Copters

Want to get your audience moving? Eagle did better than that. They got them flying. Winner of Best Business Prezi at the Global Prezi Awards.

what does eagle do?

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, Eagle has provided complete helicopter fleet management support to operators since 1975. 

From fighting forest fires in British Columbia, to flying heavy equipment to sites in the Middle East, to performing search and rescues in Canada’s North, Eagle helicopters play a critical role in some of the word’s most dangerous work.


What challenge did they have?

When Eagle wanted a new story, they struggled to fit technical data, client stories, and the company’s history into a single, concise presentation. They also struggled to convey the excitement and passion of the business with PowerPoint decks that were riddled with bullet points and static images. 

The team wanted something new. A visual presentation that any of them could present with poise and confidence.

How did we solve it?

We combined Perfect Pitch’s Presentation Consulting & Design service with Perfect Arc coaching to provide a complete page to stage solution. 

Through our unique story development process, Perfect Pitch absorbed all things helicopter and brought our designer an exciting story about the company’s history, the technical innovations in the helicopters themselves, and the work Eagle’s customers do all over the world. 

Once the Prezi was finished, we coached the Eagle team on how to tell that story with enthusiasm, poise, and confidence. Despite a wide range of presentation skills ability, each team member finished the sessions feeling confident to get in front of an audience.

Through a powerful story told with a presentation that could zoom, a mesmerized audience took flight with Eagle.

The Prezi

Our designer decided to literally “take flight” in the Eagle Prezi. As the presenter moves through the key points of the presentation, the visuals fly the audience through the various parts of the world where the client stories take place. Click below to play the Prezi from start to finish or keep scrolling to see some highlights.

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Ditching the bullet points not only allowed for a more cinematic experience, it also allowed the presenters to tell the story naturally, without having to read text on the screen. The selection of slides below demonstrates how images, graphics, and charts are transformed with a storytelling approach.

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