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When Carly Franklin tears out a stitch, she doesn’t see that as a failure with her sewing. For Carly, that is sewing. “Just because something is stitched together doesn’t mean that’s how it will stay.” For Carly, this truth also applies to life. When Carly applied to the Ontario College of Art and Design, the admissions committee crushed her painting and drawing portfolio with criticism. Three months later, she submitted a new body of work and was admitted with glowing praise for her creativity, depth, and range of style. Carly’s work demonstrates her tenacity, openness to change, and creativity when it comes to making work better. As Perfect Pitch’s Business Administrator, Carly loves to watch Perfect Pitch clients do their own sewing….of ideas. “When they make the connection between story structure and what they’re trying to say. Their faces light up.” That’s one stitch Carly thinks will stay connected forever.

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