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A Story of Oil – Finally!

Congratulations to Cenovus for producing this frank and engaging story of oil and how it impacts our daily lives in positive ways.

The oil and gas industry needs to get on board with storytelling. This resource is critical to our economic health and our quality of life. But so far the best storytellers have been the anti-oil groups. Until now.

Here are three things we like about this Story of Oil along with suggestions to use these principles in your story:

1. No jargon or buzzwords.

Great storytelling happens with concrete ideas, visual metaphors, and specific language that paints a picture for the listener. Jargon and buzzwords not only leave your audience feeling blank about your idea, they also cause your audience to wonder if you know what you’re talking about. Lose the jargon and talk the way you would at lunch with friends.

2. Acknowledges the “elephants in the room.”

Every great movie spends the bulk of its time on the lead character overcoming conflict and challenges to get to his or her goal. Why? Because otherwise the audience wouldn’t care about the outcome. Cenovus doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the challenges in its industry. And the company is frank about public perception. Doing so gives them more credibility and helps us care about what they’re doing to overcome those challenges.

3. Ends with an invitation to do something: get involved.

At the end of the story, we’re all wondering what we can do with this information. Cenovus answers the question with a clear call to action: get involved in the conversation. And if you scroll down to the comments section, you can see they are genuine in that call. They are engaging in the inevitable debate in a way that is open, honest and respectful. When you take a position on a topic, clearly state your point of view and invite discussion, you have to expect someone to disagree with you. They did and they clearly welcome the open exchange of ideas.

We believe it’s nicely done. Click on the image above and decide for yourself.




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