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Feb 28

The Turbo Encapulator. What’s that you said?

The story goes this was totally impromptu. The crew were setting up and one of the camera guys threw on a white jacket and started with the technical jargon and corporate bull speak. We post this to put a smile on your face. And to remind you, that in all things, it’s better to use […]

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Feb 26

The Power of Vulnerability

“Sit at the feet of the world’s most courageous marketers, hear their stories…” That was the promise of The Gathering, an inaugural marketing event put on by The Cult Collective and held at the Banff Springs Hotel last week. We managed to slip in after the event was sold out, thanks to Cult President, Ryan […]

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Feb 25


A client recently told us of a 90 minute meeting he had scheduled with a field office in Grande Prairie. He needed the field guys to change the way they were doing things so the company could avoid mechanical failures. He had a choice: book a conference call or take a full day and a […]

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Jan 16

Just the facts, ma’am.

“Fort MacMurray looks like Hiroshima.” Neil Young, September 2013 Neil Young. Given the news headlines in the last week, just mentioning the aging rock star’s name is sure to evoke an emotional reaction. You either love him or hate him. You’re either with him or against him. But the reaction is just that – emotional. Why? […]

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Nov 15

Be a great scientist….which is to say, become a great visual communicator.

We believe (and remember) what we see. If you want people to remember your presentation, you need to tap into their long term memory. Think of long term memory as a closet with no walls, no floor and no ceiling. You can pack as much as you want into long term memory, but it’s not […]

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Nov 14

But I’m a scientist. Not a communicator.

Time to break the stereotype. Doumont is a powerhouse of scientific communication expertise and it’s rare to find a talk by him readily available online. This one, delivered at Stanford last year, is an hour long. A lunch break. Think of it as your personal Lunch and Learn session from a master.

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Nov 12

Don’t the facts speak for themselves?

Technical audiences want the information. When we visit a company for the first time and start talking storytelling, this is the most common objection we hear. And it seems intuitive. If you’re speaking to a technical audience, surely they want technical information and surely your lists of data and facts will lead them to the […]

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Jul 18

TED Rehearsal – We Have A Story!

I applied to speak at TEDx Canmore. It’s running on October 25th and I figured this was as good a chance as any to put my public speaking skills to the test at the speaking event I admire most. My 12 year old son applied as well. I was excited for him and, frankly, impressed […]

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Apr 21

Consistency Builds a Brand

Your company probably spends a pile of money on designing logos, marketing materials and packaging that are consistent with its brand. Your company likely has a budget to train staff so they deliver a consistent experience for everyone who comes into contact with you. I work with a lot of companies that do this. But […]

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Apr 16

Why worry about the nerves when it’s the story that matters?

I love this video and not because the presenter is slick, polished and perfect. I love it because the presenter is passionate, engaging and fun. He’s even a bit nervous and that’s okay because audiences will find this endearing if they’re being told a great story. I have so many clients who struggle with nerves […]

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