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Mar 08


Prezzip So excited about this…;here are some interesting templates for Prezi, including separate elements that are animated. Have fun!

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Mar 01

Quote of the day

“The importance of an idea is often judged by the fluency (and emotional charge) with which that idea comes to mind.” – Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow

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Feb 15

Don’t underestimate emotion

Last month, in the U.S., the battle over SOPA happened. Wikipedia and Google launched dramatic campaigns against the bill and, convinced of their rectitude, I sided with them. This month, in Canada, our government is proposing an online surveillance bill that will give police unfettered access to our online activities. The Canadian government is framing […]

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Feb 08

What about that, ahem, elephant over there?

In my experience most presenters dread Question & Answer period because they feel they are being grilled, put on the hot seat, or challenged. The truth is a lively Q&A is the best indicator you’ve engaged your audience, given them something to think about and persuaded them that your idea is worthy of discussion. So […]

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Jan 29

Technical doesn’t have to be boring…

A terrific visual story that conveys highly technical information in a simple and compelling way. I’m not crazy about the overly dramatic headline – it’s not truthful in my opinion – but the information below the headline is a great example of telling a technical story without boring your audience. Here’s a link if you […]

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