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May 26

Say my name! But why?

  Why did we post a song by Florence and The Machine? It’s all about the chorus. When Florence packs all of her vocal ammunition into one anguished request, “Say my name!” Why is she so anguished? Shortly after starting our business, Abigail and I met with a potential new client downtown. “Perfect Pitch,” he mused, […]

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Apr 26

How do I tell the truth with data?

The chart above was posted on Facebook this week and received a number of comments that expressed dismay and shock at the plight of the young Canadian home buyer. That is the initial reaction to this chart. Something along the lines of, “Wow! These poor kids have it rough. They won’t be able to buy […]

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Feb 15

How to fake confidence during a presentation?

When I complain about something that doesn’t make me feel good, I have a good friend who will often chide me with, “What does how you FEEL have to do with it?” And he’s right. Usually, I just have to throw on some big girl pants, swallow my fear, and carry on. Presentations can be […]

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Sep 23

Corporate storytelling is great…unless it is a fiction.

In March 2013 Volkswagen launched its Think Blue campaign, a beautifully designed and wonderfully crafted corporate story about Volkswagen’s commitment to be the most ecologically sustainable car manufacturer in the world by 2018. At the same time (I like to imagine in another, darker, smoke-filled boardroom down the hall), Volkswagen employees were signing off on fitting millions […]

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Aug 14

Pipeline Wars highlights the power of story

Last night in Calgary Perfect Pitch attended the private screening of “Pipeline Wars: A Burning Debate About Our Future.” The documentary film, the culmination of blood, sweat, tears and re-mortgaged houses, is an 18-month project by independent filmmakers Justin Robinson, Matt Keay, and Sylvester Ndumbi. The filmmakers want extremists on both sides of the energy […]

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Jun 27

Two bands, two vibes.

Last night I went to Wine-Ohs in Calgary to catch the happy hour show at 6pm. I didn’t know anything about Curtis Glas or his friends but I felt for him when my friend and I showed up shortly before the show started. Besides my friend and me there were five other people in the Cellar. […]

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Jun 26

A Story of Oil – Finally!

Congratulations to Cenovus for producing this frank and engaging story of oil and how it impacts our daily lives in positive ways. The oil and gas industry needs to get on board with storytelling. This resource is critical to our economic health and our quality of life. But so far the best storytellers have been […]

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Apr 14

How much money are we wasting on bad presentations?

Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

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Mar 07

A tour of the world with Hillary Rodham Clinton

When you are invited to hear Hillary Rodham Clinton speak at a private event in Calgary, it’s wise to answer, “Yes, please.” And so we arrived at the Telus Convention Centre yesterday with 1800 other Calgary business people to see the woman who may be the next President of the United States. (Thank you, favourite […]

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Mar 01

Quote of the day

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Peter Drucker

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