Author: Colleen

Jan 18

What Is The Number One Objection To Learning And Development? Time. How Do You Overcome It? Take Them On The Journey.

”I know kung fu.” This is Neo’s pronouncement in the movie, The Matrix, eleven seconds after porting with the ship’s computer via a thick cord fixed to the back of his neck. “Show me,” says Morpheus who has spent those seconds watching Neo’s face twitch and eyeballs roll around beneath his closed eyelids. Off they […]

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Jun 27

To live a great story, don’t wish away the pain. To tell a great story, don’t pretend there wasn’t any.

There is a famous saying from Theodore Roosevelt that is often quoted as “Nothing worth having comes easy.” Dig around the internet a little and you will find the accurate quote. It is far richer and more powerful than the popular paraphrase. Roosevelt actually said, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing […]

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May 11

“What do I say now?” How good segues strengthen your ideas, make your slide transitions sing, and add meaning to your stories.

“I was just listening to the BBC and they were doing a story on a 14 year old girl killed by cannibals in prehistoric America. Next thing I knew they were talking about wine. For just a second I thought the were recommending the best wine to go with human flesh, then I realized I […]

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Apr 24

How Mistakes Create Critical Business Stories That Build Resilience – The Story Compass Series: Knowledge Stories

The Oxford dictionary defines resilience in two ways: The capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness The ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity   For us humans, the first is a good literal translation. The second is a wonderful metaphor for recovering quickly. And isn’t that […]

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