We believe storytelling is at the heart of business success. Great companies tell, sell, and live the stories that captivate employees, investors, and customers.

During our first year in business, we were moving so fast we didn’t answer the question, “Why are we here?” We often found ourselves accepting jobs that didn’t feed our passion or were in direct conflict with it. Finally, we stopped to define what that passion was. It was storytelling. Our tagline “Tell Sell Live” reflects what we believe: that great companies know how to tell their story, teach salespeople to sell using story, and live their story daily through exceptional leadership and team communication.



What inspires an investor, a customer, or an employee to connect with your business? What moves your team, your manager, or the C-suite to take action on your ideas? A great story. From communications, to conversations to presentations, we'll show you how to craft and tell the stories that captivate any audience.



They say some people are born to sell. Who are these natural born salespeople? They are people other people trust. They are people are other people listen to. They are people other people confide in. You don't have to be born with it. The secret lies in storytelling. And we can teach your salespeople to tell the stories that stick.



You "say" your company is innovative and collaborative. Maybe it's a market leader. Whatever you say, do the people in your business live those stories? Our learning and development programs go behind the curtain to show your leaders how to lead, your teams how to communicate, and your people to be the best they can be. Now you have an authentic and believable story.


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Custom In-House Courses

Have we piqued your curiosity? Telling, selling and living your story will make your business great. Requesting a proposal is standard stuff, but be honest. Do you want to read a lot of meaningless jargon or do you want to read a story about you? We don’t want to write a form-letter proposal, email it out, and pray that something resonated with you. We want to know you, your business and your people, as much as we can before we craft a solution. Give us some of your time, share some of your challenges and you will end up with a proposal, and maybe a Perfect Pitch learning and development workshop, that speaks directly to your needs and gets you to where you need to be.

Client Stories

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Now that we have your curiosity piqued about what we do, you may be asking who does it? You won’t find pages of bios here. We’re small for a reason. Our clients have come to expect corporate courses that inspire change in the people who attend. We deliver on that promise by being picky about who leads, facilitates, and delivers our training and development programs. Meet our Principals and the rest of the (small!) team.