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Take Flight with Eagle Copters

When Eagle Copters, a Calgary-based helicopter fleet company, wanted a new story, they struggled to fit technical data, client stories, and the company’s history into a single concise presentation. They also struggled to convey the excitement and passion of the business.

From fighting forest fires in British Columbia, to flying heavy equipment sites in the Middle East, to performing search and rescues in Canada’s North, Eagle Copters’ helicopters play a critical role in some of the world’s most dangerous work. That excitement was lost with PowerPoint presentations riddled with bullet points and static images. The team wanted something new. A visual presentation that any of them could present with poise and confidence.

The management team at Eagle Copters asked about presentation consulting and design generally, and Prezi specifically. With the ability to zoom, Prezi seemed a better tool than PowerPoint to convey the dynamic nature of the work Eagle Copters makes possible.

Through our unique story development and building process, Perfect Pitch absorbed all things helicopter and went to our designer with an exciting story about the company’s history, the technical innovations in the helicopters themselves, and the work Eagle Copters’ customers do all over the world.

Our designer decided to literally “take flight” in the Prezi presentation. As the presenter moves through the key points of the presentation, the visuals fly the audience through the various parts of the world where the client stories take place. The result is a cinematic experience unlike anything the Eagle Copters team had delivered before. And ditching the bullet points meant each of them could tell the story in their own words and using their natural style.

Eagle Copters took flight, not knowing exactly where they would end up. They landed with a new story and a new and exciting way to look at their business.

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