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The Perfect Arc© Workshop Collection

An effective presentation sparks imagination and helps people understand how an idea works or solves a problem. The Perfect Arc© answers three key questions: What is a story? How does it persuade us of anything? And how can it transform a business presentation?
Shed the dread. Arm yourself with killer pitch presentation skills and feel excited to deliver.

The Perfect Arc© Short - Storytelling Foundations

In this brief presentation skills workshop, we’ll show you the science of storytelling with our pitch presentation training, what a story actually is, and how to apply story structure to your technical and business presentations. An amazing thing happens when you turn your presentation into a well crafted story. Your presentation skills naturally improve.


Enrollment in this workshop is limited to 15 participants.

The Perfect Arc© Full - Storytelling Foundations + Presentation Skills

If you have a high-stakes pitch, or are looking to transform your presentation skills, our two-day workshop is the best choice for you. Using video recording, this two-day workshop combines the science of storytelling with personal presentation coaching and feedback. You will practice a lot. In the end, you will deliver your pitches and presentations with confidence and poise.


Enrollment in this workshop is limited to 8 participants.

Impactful Pitch Presentation skill workshops

Our pitch presentation skills workshops provide effective and impactful presentation skills. Perfect Pitch’s unique approach helps presenters develop a deeper understanding of their ideas and how those ideas solve problems. When thinking about your presentation, consider these questions. How will a story persuade your audience? What is a story? How will a story change your presentation? In our one-day and two-day presentation skills coaching workshops, we work with you to transform your presentation skills. 

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