The Story Compass Online

Learn the art of conversational storytelling to create clarity, connection, and trust with the people you need to move.

Duration: 4 hours
Video lessons: 50
Practicum: Videos, quizzes, exercises, and recorded submissions

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Who should take this course?

Leaders, marketers, salespeople, and product managers. Anyone in business with something to say.


  • Learn why stories ensure your ideas are understood, remembered, and acted upon
  • Apply the basic building blocks, essential qualities, and simple structure of storytelling to your business information
  • Discover the four types of business stories that move a listener along their journey
  • Craft and tell stories that are conversational, natural, and memorable

Work through The Story Compass Online on your own time.

Business Storytelling

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I first met Colleen when she did a keynote for our company in 2018. While I may not be the most outgoing or extroverted person in the room, I have discovered that the ability to tell a compelling story is a skill that can be leveraged by anyone, regardless of their personality type. As a CEO, storytelling has helped me to effectively communicate my vision, inspire my team, and build strong relationships with clients and partners. I highly recommend Colleen’s Story Compass book and workshop.
Paul Crawford
President, Lighthouse Vision Inc.


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