TNT Engineering

How do you stand out at a technical conference when no one knows you and no one speaks your language?

That was the challenge faced by TNT Engineering when they traveled to the XVI Ecuador Oil & Power Conference to open up a new market. With just 20 minutes to capture the crowd, TNT knew they needed something different.

Perfect Pitch worked closely with TNT to craft the story and create a custom Prezi that was unlike anything TNT had presented before.

Waiting to present, TNT Principal Neil Gunderman had a moment of doubt. Watching information-heavy PowerPoint slides being delivered by all of the other presenters, he wondered if he’d gone too far.

To his delight a meaningful and engaging story was what the audience was craving. For the next three days, the conference  buzzed about one presentation: TNT. Attendees buzzed about one company: TNT. Companies picked up the phone and called TNT.

TNT had cemented their reputation as a company who does things differently and left their audience with a burning desire to know more.

The experience changed the way Neil Gunderman approaches technical presentations. “I get how people in the same line of work as us would question storytelling versus an all technical presentation. I was thinking the same thing while technical after technical presentation happened. Turns out ours captured the audience, not the others.”

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