Presentation and Public Speaking Skills

Learn to captivate your audience with a story that is remembered, shared, and acted upon. Develop effective and impactful pitch presentation skills led by engaging instructors for pitch presentation training.

“This was an innovative way to learn how to create meaningful presentations that clients may actually enjoy listening to.”

– Perfect Arc Full Participant 

The Perfect Arc Workshop Full

2 Days or 4 Virtual Sessions

Presentation Development, Design, and Delivery

Dread presenting? Worried you’re losing them when you do? Concerned about pitch presentation skills? Struggling to manage all of that data and information? This two-day Pitch Presentation training course will immerse you in the science of storytelling and how to use story structure to transform your presentations and how you deliver them. We use video recording to provide personal coaching for pitch presentation skills. You’ll do a lot of presenting. Prepare to be excited for your next presentation!

Offered as an in-house program for a group of eight participants.

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The Perfect Arc Short

1 Day or 3 Virtual Sessions

Presentation Development and Design

Want to have more fun delivering all of that information? Want to have more of an impact when you do? In this brief pitch presentation skills course, we’ll show you the science of storytelling, what a story actually is, and how to apply story structure to your technical and business presentations. Amazing thing happens when you turn your presentation into a well laid out story. Your delivery naturally improves with our pitching presentation skills workshop.

Offered as an in-house program for a group of 15 participants. Have fun delivering information and have more of an impact when you do it, join us for our pitch presentation training.

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Data Storytelling

1 Day or 3 Virtual Sessions

technical Data visualization anD storytelling

Think storytelling is only for keynotes and TED Talks? Think again. Your ideas are too important to be lost in an information dump, forgotten within one hour of your presentation ending, or misinterpreted by a confused audience. Learn the art of presenting technical ideas through the power of story structure and simple visual design. Your ideas matter. Make sure they’re heard.

Offered as an in-house program for a group of 15 participants.

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The Story Compass Workshop

What hairy audacious goal are you hoping to achieve with your business? How will you inspire customers, employees, or investors so you meet that goal? Based on the book, The Story Compass: Navigating Through Uncertainty In Your Business, this Pitch Presentation workshop will teach you the stories you'll need to get you there. Join us in our pitch presentation training workshop and help make the connection with powerful stories.

When someone engages with your business, they connect emotionally and intellectually with your product, your company, and your services.

Making that connection isn’t easy. Ipsos Reid estimates less than half of employees are making that connection. Now imagine your customers and investors! If you’re focusing on delivering information, you’ll miss your mark.

We can work with you to craft the critical stories your company needs to start telling with our pitch presentation training. Stories are powerful. Customers will trust you. Investors will be moved by you. Employees will strive to make your vision come true.

The Story Compass involves a mix of consultation, storyboarding and writing, and presentation training. Whatever your skill level is, our pitching skills workshop will dramatically improve your presentation skills.

Contact us today so we can learn more about your business and craft the stories that will inspire them all with our pitch presentation skills. Our pitch presentation training provides training for professionals that want to develop their presentation skills. We help you with making the connection with powerful stories that instill trust with our pitch presentation training.


The Perfect Pitch

Do you have a high stakes presentation to put together? Are you tearing your hair out formatting slides while wondering what should stay in and what should stay out? What if you had your own story and design team to help you out?

Everyone is going to tell you they have the most talented team in the business and the best pitch presentation skills workshops. We won’t say that. What we will say is we’ve won two global awards for our business presentations and our Pitch team is made up of a creative combination of expertise, artistry, and accuracy. Oh! And we’re Canada’s only recognized Prezi Expert…and we’ll design in PowerPoint too. Let us help you. You can keep your hair and be excited to present! Contact us today for a free consultation.

Curious? Here’s our award-winning team:

Colleen Stewart
President - Creative Director

A Journalism grad who’s been writing since she was eight years old and has spent the last 20 years turning business presentations into stories.

Alan White
Senior Associate - Design

A graphic designer who finds art in everything he looks at and blows our minds with every creative concept he delivers.

Melissa Ligertwood
Senior Associate - Writer

A talented writer and seasoned reporter who gets geeky about the details and is like a dog with a bone when it comes to digging for the truth.

Global Prezi Award Winner - Best Business Prezi


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