Presentation Skills

Become a confident presenter who tells captivating stories that are remembered, shared, and acted upon. It is possible.

Perfect Pitch Presentations

2 Days
Presentation DeveloPment, Design, anD Delivery

What is the most effective way to make your idea, your company, or your product stand out from the rest?

It’s simple. Tell a great story.

Audiences are bored with business jargon, text-heavy slides and presenters who cram too much information into a presentation. If you tell your audience everything you think they should know, they will tune out and forget.

Invest two days into this intensive course that will teach you how to structure, design, and deliver captivating and logical stories. You’ll leave them with a burning desire to know more.

Can you do this with business presentations? Technical presentations? Of course!

Presentation Storytelling

1 Day
Presentation DeveloPment anD Design

If you want to focus more on structure and less on delivery, this one-day course is the perfect fit.

We believe in the power of storytelling to teach, inform, persuade and entertain. Using this method even the most technical presentation can become an engaging event.

Presentation Storytelling will arm you with the necessary tools to craft and design an effective and clear message.

The result? An audience that is fully engaged with your story.

Level 2 - Data Storytelling

1 Day
technical Data visualization anD storytelling

Are you hoping they’ll look at the data and see the world the way you do? The only way you can do that is to turn your data into a data story.

Do you hate presenting because you fear you’re boring? Tell a data story and you won’t recognize yourself.

Using the latest cognitive research on perception and decision making, our Data Storytellling course will give you simple guidelines for crafting effective data stories.

We have never believed technical equals boring. Use your data to tell a story and not only will your audience be moved, they will also be fascinated.

Brand Storytelling

What hairy audacious goal are you hoping to achieve with your business? How will you inspire customers, employees or investors so you meet that goal? How will you inspire all three?

When someone engages with your business, they connect emotionally and intellectually with your product, your company, and your services.

Making that connection isn’t easy. Ipsos Reid estimates less than half of employees are making the connection. Now imagine your customers and investors! If you’re focusing on delivering information, you’ll miss your mark.

We can work with you to craft the critical stories your company needs to start telling right away. Stories are powerful. Customers will trust you. Investors will be moved by you. Employees will strive to make your vision come true.

Brand Storytelling involves a mix of consultation, storyboarding and writing, and training.

Contact us today so we can learn more about your business and craft the stories that will inspire them all.



When we first saw Prezi in 2009, we said, “Whoah! Where have you been all our lives?”

We are proud to be the only Canadian company included in Prezi’s official Prezi Experts Community. We got there with a unique process we credit to Pixar. We don’t touch the technology until we have a captivating story.

Do you have a captivating story to tell? Absolutely. Over the past decade, we have designed Prezis for engineers, software developers, capital projects managers, and CEO’s. We haven’t been stumped yet.

The best part is the kudos our clients receive after a Prezi presentation. In short, a Prezi story knocks the audience’s socks off.

Best Business Prezi 2016


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