RS Energy Group

While moving a million miles a minute to deliver what your clients need, how do you build a culture to match your brand story of collaboration and trust?

For RS Energy Group, being a trusted advisor means more than just words on a website. With clients who make million-dollar investment decisions based on the data they produce, RS Energy Group’s need to build trust is critical to its success.

RS Energy Group’s data is better than good. The RS Energy Group team scrubs and analyzes data in a way that has never been done before. They quickly became the benchmark and the clients who trust them can’t invest without them. Trying to tell that story to new clients however, and at massive investor conferences with multiple presenters, was a challenge.

Perfect Pitch worked with RS Energy Group over several years to transform their data presentations into data stories. With each presentation, RS Energy Group analysts stood out, left investors with a burning desire to know more, and brought more business through RS Energy Group’s doors.

Succession planning was also important. For RS Energy Group to continue a legacy of trusted advisors, it needed to develop its analysts into managers and future leaders.

Perfect Pitch, using its deep understanding of RS Energy Group’s business and culture, built a custom Leadership development program and worked one-on-one with RS Energy Group stars.

Today, RS Energy Group is the envy of its peers. Delivering captivating presentations and armed with a team of future leaders, RS Energy Group is in the unique position of not just saying the company is collaborative and trusted, but living collaboration and trust every day.


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