How do you turn overwhelming complexity into meaningful simplicity?

A successful Calgary company since 1991, Peloton wanted clients to see how their WellView/SiteView data management software solution could help them accurately manage water on their oil and gas projects. The trouble was, presentations were so complex and heavy with detail, it was hard to see the story in all the clutter.

Peloton’s SiteView product manager searched for help. When he saw Perfect Pitch, a company that transforms technical presentations into captivating stories, he was intrigued. The approach was dramatically different but he knew PowerPoint wasn’t working. He decided to take a chance.

Perfect Pitch worked closely with Peloton to draw out the story and structure it in a way that would be memorable, shared, and acted upon. Perfect Pitch’s Prezi designers created elegant graphics that made the abstract and complex world of data management concrete and simple.

When Peloton’s product manager presented the new Peloton Prezi to the executive team, they were impressed. So much so they ordered more Prezi presentations.

Today Peloton presenters don’t have trouble convincing the audience the Peloton tool will help them. The clarity of the Peloton Prezi, a visual story that helps them clearly see why they should care about Wellview/Siteview, is proof enough.

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