Hillberg & Berk

How do you tell a brand story in a way that will stun and captivate audiences the same way your product does?

For Hillberg & Berk, this was no easy task. CEO, Rachel Mielke, had a lot to say about the Sparkle Collection, a line of jewelry that had captured women across the country. Rachel is a great storyteller and her speaking engagements were popular, but while she was talking Sparkle, the PowerPoint was dull.

Rachel contacted Perfect Pitch, curious about storytelling and Prezi. After reviewing several Perfect Pitch designs, Rachel decided to take the Prezi plunge.

A trip to Regina and Hillberg & Berk headquarters not only gave us the Sparkle story, but the visual inspiration we needed to create a Prezi unlike anything produced before.

For the Hillberg & Berk Prezi, Perfect Pitch designed the store, Hillberg & Berk’s flagship retail space that beautifully captures the feminine power of the Hillberg & Berk brand.

Rachel traveled to Vancouver, Prezi in hand, nervous and excited about the presentation. The effect was mesmerizing. Rachel’s presentation became a journey, not only through the history and building of the Hillberg & Berk brand, but also through the store. The immersive experience set Rachel apart and left the audience with an experience they will remember.

How would we describe the Prezi in one word? Well, that’s easy. Sparkle.

The Prezi


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