Leadership Development Courses

Am I a leader? The answer lies in the attitude and belief you bring to work every day.

When our Principal, Abigail White, landed her first job in commercial real estate, she was straight out of school, young and inexperienced. Excited to learn, she was thrilled to be working for a business leader who knew the business inside and out. Within months, Abigail’s excitement was extinguished. While the leader knew the business, he didn’t know how to be with people. He was condescending, unwilling to teach, and critical. The fear of doing something wrong, and the inevitable sigh of disapproval if she did, left Abigail almost paralyzed, unable to complete even the simplest of tasks.

When another job offer came to her, Abigail jumped at the opportunity. The difference was dramatic. Her new leader was supportive, invested in her success, clear about goals, and focused on her achievements rather than her “failures”.

That leader’s impact on Abigail set her up for a lifetime of success. In the years that followed she took on large projects, managed multi-million dollar businesses with confidence, and assumed various leadership roles. The impact that one leader had on her was significant and long lasting. We believe leadership is not simply a title, or a strategy, it is a way of being. And we believe there is no greater testament to the truth of a company’s story than the quality of its leadership. While words like “innovation”, “thinking outside the box”, and “unique” are readily found on corporate web pages, the companies that do innovate in their worlds can look to exceptional leadership as the primary catalysts.


1-2 Days

It’s fun to read quotes like Voltaire’s, “With great power comes great responsibility”. But how often have you stopped to think about how power dynamics impact your interactions with the people you lead? Leadership starts with your understanding of the interplay between power, communication, and influence in the workplace. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!


1-2 Days

Building authentic connections with the people on your team is one of the most important things you will ever do as a leader. You want their trust, and you have to earn it. That means taking an active interest, being curious, and getting to know them beyond the positions they fill. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!


1-2 Days

Did you know there is an equation for trust? Traits like credibility and reliability, for example, build trust, while others – like self-orientation – chip away at it. The question is, how do you improve these personal characteristics to become a leader that people can trust? You can’t force people to trust you, but you can examine and consider new ways of being. The work required to do well on the Trust Equation results in what we refer to as Emotional Intelligence. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!


1-2 Days

Being able to communicate your vision is critical to your success as a leader. If you want to lead, your team has to want to follow you, and they aren’t going to do that just because you tell them to. Great leaders illustrate rather than assert. They are skilled storytellers.  They understand that emotional connection trumps rational thinking and is a powerful catalyst for change. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!

Conflict Management

1-2 Days

Does success in business mean conflict disappears? We don’t think so. Offered over a full or half day, our professional Conflict Management workshop is a communications and leadership training program that will teach your team how to deal with conflict so it produces stronger relationships, better ideas, and remarkable results. Using a personal conflict management assessment, your team will learn how they prefer to respond to conflict and how these responses can be adapted for better communication. Conflict is the electrical current that runs through every great story – don’t eliminate it. Learn to use it to your advantage. This communications and leadership workshop is often offered in addition to Communicating with Styles. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!

Leadership: Your Transformation Story

Leadership is not the position you hold at work. It is a way of being. Our live classroom professional leadership development and coaching programs are custom built from five learning modules that will challenge you to understand your current way of being, learn new ways of being, and put exceptional leadership behaviours into practice.

We call our leadership program Your Transformation Story because it will take you on the most fascinating and challenging journey of all. A journey to you.

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