Leadership Development

We believe leadership is not simply a title or a strategy. Leadership is a way of being. We also believe there is no greater testament to the truth of a company’s story than the quality of its leadership. While words like “innovation”, “thinking outside the box”, and “unique” are readily found on corporate web pages, the companies that do innovate in their worlds can thank exceptional leaders for the inspiration and clear direction that make those stories come true.

You might find yourself asking "Am I a leader?" The answer lies in the attitude and belief you bring to work every day.


1-2 Days

It’s fun to read quotes like Voltaire’s, “With great power comes great responsibility.” But how often have you considered how power dynamics impact your interactions with the people you lead? Leadership starts with your understanding of the interplay between power, communication, and influence in the workplace. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!


1-2 Days

Building authentic connections with the people on your team is one of the most important endeavours you will take on as a leader. Keeping those connections in moments of unrest, disagreement and conflict, is one of the hardest endeavours and yet it is critical. Do you have a strategy to do just that? We can show you one. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!


1-2 Days

Did you know there is an equation for trust? You can’t force people to trust you, but you can examine and consider new ways of being to increase the chances they will. The work required to do well on the Trust Equation is what we refer to as Emotional Intelligence. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!


1-2 Days

If you want to lead, a team has to follow you, and they aren’t going to do that just because you tell them to do it. Great leaders illustrate rather than assert. They understand that emotional connection trumps rational thinking. That concrete language sticks while vague jargon is forgotten. They are storytellers. And the powerful stories they tell attract the best of followers. Would you like to host an in-house workshop? Contact us!

Conflict Management

1/2 - 1 Day

Does business success mean conflict disappears? We don’t think so. Conflict, when managed well, can improve communication, build trust, and lead you to better decisions about your business. Conflict Management will teach your team how they think and react to conflict, and how to adapt both. Using conflict to make your business great is possible. Let us show you how.  Contact us!

Leadership: Your Transformation Story

Leadership is not the position you hold at work. It is a way of being. In one of the most robust and challenging leadership programs available, Leadership: Your Transformation Story, you will understand your current way of being. You will learn new ways of mastering communication, facing challenge and conflict, and communicating vision.

We call our leadership program Your Transformation Story because it will take you on the most fascinating and challenging journey of all. A journey to you.

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