Leadership Development Courses

Am I a leader? The answer lies in the attitude and belief you bring to work every day.

Leadership: Your Transformation Story

Leadership is not the position you hold at work. It is a way of being. Our live classroom professional leadership development and coaching programs are custom built from five learning modules that will challenge you to understand your current way of being, learn new ways of being, and put exceptional leadership behaviours into practice.

We call our leadership program Your Transformation Story because it will take you on the most fascinating and challenging journey of all. A journey to you.


Communication Courses

If you’re wondering why you click with some people and want to get the gloves out with others, you’re at the right place.

Communicating with Styles

In one day your team will learn more about each other than they may have learned in years. This interactive live classroom communication workshop is a deep dive into why you behave the way you do, how that behaviour may be perceived by others, and how to adapt that behaviour to foster a better exchange of ideas. Perfect Pitch’s communication courses are custom built to speak to your unique people, business, and environment. We will get your communication back on track and that is good for your business.

Driving Forces

Why do we jump out of bed for some tasks and drag ourselves for half a day when faced with others? Driving Forces is a live classroom professional communications development program designed to illuminate what makes us move, and what makes us stop. If you are a manager leading a team, or a team trying to understand each other better, the Driving Forces leadership and communications workshop will help you understand a complex piece of human behaviour: motivation. This professional communication and leadership training course is custom built to speak to your unique people, business and environment. It is often offered in addition to Communicating with Styles.

Conflict Management

Does success in business mean conflict disappears? We don’t think so. Offered over a full or half day, our professional Conflict Management workshop is a communications and leadership training program that will teach your team how to deal with conflict so it produces stronger relationships, better ideas, and remarkable results. Using a personal conflict management assessment, your team will learn how they prefer to respond to conflict and how these responses can be adapted for better communication. Conflict is the electrical current that runs through every great story – don’t eliminate it. Learn to use it to your advantage. This communications and leadership workshop is often offered in addition to Communicating with Styles.

Email Etiquette

Email is the most widely used form of communication today. Is it helping or hindering your business? This half-day communication workshop will teach your team the basics and subtle nuances of email etiquette. Delivered in an engaging atmosphere with relevant activities, this live classroom communication course has been developed with the modern corporate world in mind. We want to know what email challenges you face so we can customize our learning program to reflect your unique business and communication needs.

Customer Service

If your story promises exceptional customer service, your customer service representatives need to know what that looks like in your world. This custom customer service development workshop will speak to your unique environment while teaching your team the essentials of human behaviour and communication. They will understand why they are learning the skills they are learning. Using meaningful activities and custom-designed role-play scenarios, your team will practice those skills as they go. This is a live classroom training event held over two days.

Emotional Intelligence

Go to LinkedIn right now and we guarantee you’ll see a post about Emotional Intelligence and how critical it is to professional and business success. But what is it? This full day emotional intelligence training program will have you exploring your ability to recognize, understand and regulate emotions. In a highly interactive learning environment, you will learn a new set of skills to help you become more emotionally intelligent so you can build trust with the people who need you, and with the people you need. Our Emotional Intelligence training is a custom learning program tailored to your unique people, business and environment and includes a full emotional intelligence assessment.

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