Our Team

Effective communication comes down to effective storytelling. Relying on 40 years combined experience and using a variety of creative instructional methods, co-founders Colleen and Abigail will help you craft and share a story that inspires.
Abigail White
President, Managing Director

I believe people are at the heart of every successful business story. Living your story means striving for communication and leadership excellence.

Colleen Henderson
President, Creative Director

I love stories and I believe everyone can tell them. Stories have the power to change behaviour and transform your business.

Heather Layton
Senior Associate

If you like and find purpose in what you’re doing, you’re more successful. If a business has a concrete and captivating story, employees will be inspired to live it each and every day.

Jeff Couillard
Senior Associate

Life is short. Many of us spend much of it disconnected from what gives us meaning. I believe leaders can inspire large numbers of people to live better, more meaningful lives.

Kathi Irvine
Senior Associate

When I go into a room with a group of people, I am energized by the privilege to engage with them, walk alongside them, and have a part in creating new ideas and new ways of being with them.

Chris Gover
Senior Associate - Design

The best work I have ever done is through collaboration with people.

Melissa Ligertwood
Senior Associate - Writer

I thrive on capturing people’s stories. My attention to detail and tenacity at discovering the truth are my ways of honouring the privilege.

Alan White
Senior Associate - Design

Design isn’t something I do for money. It is my passion and calling. When I look at the world around me, I don’t see things. I see beauty, meaning and ideas to inspire solutions for my clients.