Our Story

Our story started in 2012 when co-Presidents Abigail White and Colleen Henderson discovered a shared passion for delivering custom training and consulting.

In those early days we didn’t ask the question, “Why is Perfect Pitch here?” We wanted to work and we said yes to everything. Pretty quickly we realized this wasn’t a good strategy. One of our training sessions left us feeling flat. We weren’t excited by it, we didn’t feel confident about it, and we didn’t feel we had done our best work. While the client was happy, we weren’t.

We locked ourselves in a room and asked, “Why are we here? What gets us excited?” We landed on storytelling. Stories are powerful. They change the way we think, they change the way we behave, and they create an emotional connection between a business and its investors, customers, and employees.

Perfect Pitch exists to help companies succeed through storytelling. If companies can tell a captivating story, sell using captivating stories, and live into their story, there is literally no stopping them.

Flat is a thing of the past. We have the good fortune to work with companies who not only inspire us, but also believe what we believe and are inspired by what we believe. Every day we work with a client, we are excited, energized and passionate.

It’s a story we love living.

Our Team

Everyone at Perfect Pitch has been drawn to the power of storytelling and its impact on business. We are a fun team to work with but watch out – our passion for storytelling will definitely bubble over and it may just be contagious!

Our Process

We’re not interested in working with you for a few hours and then disappearing.