Kathi Irvine


I started my corporate career as a bank clerk filing cheques back when you could light a cigarette and smoke at your desk. I did everything at the bank from selling, to managing, to being managed, to going through change, to leading others through change. In 1997, I entered the world of Learning & Development eager to guide others through their learning.

Less than ten years later, I hit a wall. I was traveling a lot, working crazy hours, and constantly putting my own needs aside for work. Turns out I didn’t know everything there was to know about leadership. How could I be a good leader when I was completely and utterly exhausted?

Today, my life is entirely different. I am far from that rat race I was in. I own my own consulting company and I partner with other fantastic companies to facilitate and lead their learning programs. Exhaustion is a thing of the past. When I go into a room with a group of people now, I am energized by the privilege to engage with them, walk alongside them, and have a part in creating new ideas and new ways of being with them. After a long career, and a watershed moment of change, I am exactly where I am supposed to be.

Kathi Irvine is Co-Founder of Watershed Organizational Development Group www.watershedinc.ca




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