Jeff Couillard


When I was 13 months’ old my dad died from a heart attack. From an early age, I knew two things about my life: it’s short and I want to do something meaningful with it. For my working career those ideas drove me to work with everyone from cancer patients to young people struggling with addiction. When they lived better, more fulfilled lives, I had meaning in my life.

It wasn’t enough. I was having a deep impact with maybe 50 people a year but there were so many people who would benefit from less stress and suffering in their lives! My pathological need to help people wasn’t satisfied with only helping 50 of them.

So I decided to work with leaders. Leaders have the opportunity to inspire large numbers of people to live better, more fulfilled lives. Whether it’s by coaching someone to achieve their best, allowing someone to learn from a mistake, or letting the best idea win regardless of hierarchy, quality leadership has a massive impact. To inspire leaders to be their best, I focus on connecting them with what is important to them, using practical, useful tools that work, at work.

Life is short. Many of us spend the bulk of that life disconnected from what gives us value and meaning. If you and I work together, I will work tirelessly to connect you, your leaders, and your people to the meaning they need to have better, more fulfilled lives at work.

Jeff Couillard is Founder of The Attainability Group and The Big Impact Academy

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