Fay Wilson


When I was little, I used to read books while walking to school and Scholastic Book Club day felt like Christmas. Who had time to be social? I wanted stories and at that age, I believed the best stories were found in books. My curiosity and love of stories fuelled a number of my ventures: toying with Archaeology so I could go to Santorini and find the lost city of Atlantis (it’s still on my list); pursuing a History degree and becoming fascinated with the cultural times around the First World War, and finally becoming a freelance writer and editor to help my clients tell their stories. Along the way I discovered stories don’t only live in books. They live in people. And a lot of those people, with an important story to tell, need a bit of help getting it out.

What fascinates me about working with my clients is when I discover how to assemble the pieces of their story, how to get them to where they need to go, and how many worlds open up to me along the way. The little girl with her nose in a book believed stories only lived on those pages. Today, I know differently. Stories are in all of us and every story is an important one to tell. If you think you have one, but you aren’t sure how to share it with your world, it could just be you need someone with enough curiosity, passion and love for the telling to show you the way.

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