Abigail White


Straight out of school, young and inexperienced, I thought perfection was required of me in any role I acquired.  Billionaire Sara Blakely, who founded Spanx, was asked weekly by her father at the dinner table “What did you fail at this week?”  A question like that would have terrified me.

When I ended up working for a leader who was self-serving and not interested in my success it completely crippled my ability to perform to my potential.  The fear of being rejected was a toxic root in my belief system holding me back from becoming my best self and contributing the gifts and talents I had with colleagues, clients and the world.

Soon after leaving that company I worked for an outstanding leader. Every day, he made a point of taking an interest in my success.  Creating opportunities for me to use my abilities he allowed me the room to fail, learn, and do better next time.   That’s when I realized how important great leadership is.


After 20 years of working with leaders, teams and individuals unafraid to fail, pick themselves off the ground and soldier on I have developed a passion for people: why they behave the way they do, what inspires them, and what motivates them to do incredible things.

As co-founder and President, Managing Director of Perfect Pitch,  I have been told my insight is ‘invaluable,’ ‘a necessity for businesses that want to succeed,’ and even, ‘life-changing.’

What is your story?  How do you let your story resonate, build trust and connection with investors, customers, and employees?   Let me help you live that story by taking your leadership and communication to a new level of connection, passion, and inspiration.

Certifications: MBTI, DISC, EQ,  12 DRIVING FORCES

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