Am I a leader? The answer lies in the attitude and belief you bring to work everyday.

Leadership Program

Leadership is not the position you hold at work. Leadership is developing and communicating a concrete vision for your work, finding the right people to turn that vision into reality and inspiring those people to be a part of that vision.

We can show you how to develop and demonstrate true leadership at work, regardless of your position.



If you’re wondering why you click with some people and want to get the gloves out with others, you’re at the right place.
Communicating with Styles

It doesn’t matter what story you tell them. If they can’t communicate, the work won’t get done. We use the most sophisticated behaviour and communication assessment tool on the market to lift the blinders and get your team looking at each other in a new and positive light. We will get your communication back on track and that is good for your business.

Conflict Management

Does success in business mean conflict disappears? We don’t think so. Conflict can lead to better decisions, stronger relationships, and a deeper understanding of why we do what we do. We will show you how you prefer to handle conflict, and how you can avoid the pitfalls of your natural preference and manage it better. Conflict is the secret ingredient to every great story. With the proper training, it can be a better part of yours.

Email Etiquette

Email is the most widely used form of communication today. Is it helping or hindering your business? At its best, email is quick, efficient and creates an immediate paper trail. At its worst, email causes misunderstandings, fuels conflict and can damage your brand. Fix the number one communication challenge in your office with email etiquette training. Your brand story may depend on it.

Customer Service

Zappos taught us that customer service can not only build a brand, it can be the brand. If your story promises exceptional customer service, your customer service representatives need to know what that looks like in your world. Our custom Customer Service training programs teach your representatives exceptional customer service skills in the context of your business, your environment, and your story.


The research is in! Kindness and compassion give leaders, and businesses, a far greater advantage than self-absorption and “my-way- or-the-highway” thinking. In the hectic pace of your business, how much time do your people have to show empathy, demonstrate compassion, and build a better culture as a result? Do they know how? Empathy is like any other muscle. It strengthens with training. Give your business the advantage. Make empathy a part of the story you live.

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