Abigail White


When I was twenty and just out of school I took a job at a commercial real estate company. I was excited about the opportunity to showcase my skills. Little did I know I was about to learn a hard lesson about leadership.

My manager, it turned out, was very interested in his own success but placed no importance on mine. He was condescending, belittling, and bullying. I left each day feeling completely deflated and far less certain about my abilities.

Very soon my confidence was shattered. I started to believe the lie that I was incompetent, to the point that I could not complete the simplest of tasks.

Thankfully another company approached me. I seized the opportunity to leave my job and have a fresh start.

In my new role, I worked for a manager who was an amazing leader. Every day, he made a point of taking an interest in my success, creating opportunities for me to use my abilities, and allowing me the room to fail, learn, and do better next time.

That was when I realized how important leadership is. I developed a passion for people: why they behave the way they do, what inspires them, and what motivates them to do incredible things.

As co-founder and Managing Director of Perfect Pitch, I work with other companies to get leadership and teams back on track. I am told my contribution is ‘invaluable,’ ‘a necessity for businesses that want to succeed,’ and even, ‘life-changing.’

If you have a story about your business that you are hoping investors, customers, and employees fall in love with, let me help you live that story by taking your leadership and communication to a new level of enthusiasm, passion, and inspiration.

Certifications: MBTI, DISC, PV

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